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We understand it as our „dailybusiness“ to create ideas for our customers, whether it is for the implementation of a new function of a machine or for the improvement of your processes or for the making of a new product.
We create the first concept sketches, evaluate them and create a decision matrix for your decision.
We are also happy to participate in your concept phase during the brainstorming workshop or as an independent supplier of complete concepts.
At the end of the concept development, a coarse construction or even several variants are usually available for further evaluation.

The next phase in the creation of a more detailed design with several variants or sometimes only one variant. Usually it is already roughly designed in 3-D. This presentation makes a valuation more realistic and calculable. First materials are selected and standard parts integrated.
Here, the expertise of our team is required, which has many years of experience in designing machines and products.
Our development department works with 3D-CAD systems according the latest standards
of technology.
What does design mean at Fectum:


The calculation serves to prove the strength of the design and if necessary to improve it. These results are implemented in the design phase. Strong and weak parts of a structure are identified and calculated to withstand the planned load. The calculation also sets the collateral which is always greater than the minimum value. The collateral results from the relationship between resistance and existing load.

Our experienced designers create your components / machines or plants with modern CAD programs.
A production-oriented representation of your components and assemblies and all relevant production processes are the result of a successful design phase.

We work with the following CAD systems:



The drawing approval takes place in the release process. 

Depending on the customer‘s wishes, we work in various work-flow supported release systems or even coupled systems with production (PPS = production planning systems):

  • the drawing is placed in a release system
  • the standards contained in the drawing are checked
  • and finally the production release takes place


We are happy to take over the planning and design of your prototypes and functional constructions. Be it pure function confirmation models, demonstration models or entire modules - we illustrate your ideas.

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