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We are specialists in the development of complex component and module scopes:
  • in interior
  • exterior
  • body in white, doors / closures 
  • chassis and powertrain 
Our customers are OEMs and well-known suppliers in the Automotive industry. 
If you are interested in our references, please contact us directly.

We work according to your wishes:
  • we process the work packages in our office space
  • or in the offices of our customers on site  
  • or we carry out a temporary work assignment
Our employees are motivated and are characterized by a high willingness to travel. We accompany you in your developments over the entire process chain and beyond with our residents.

  • concept- and series-development
  • project management
  • tolerance management
  • resident engineering
  • trouble shooting
 and various other services in engineering on request

SE - TEAM (simultaneous engineering)

We understand how to work according to customer requirement in the project matrix structure. We run your SE team or understand ourselves as part of it.

simultaneous engineering

Definition of the SE team: goal achieving, interdisciplinary collaboration and parallel work of product, production and sales development with the help of a tight project management, considering the entire product life cycle. In the foreground is the timely exchange of information between the team members, whereby a reduction of development time is achieved.

Fectum Engineering GmbH
Ampfererweg 1, 8041 Graz / Austria
Tel.+43 316 40 94 34-0